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Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Even though it might have taken longer than it needed it's finally done. I've wanted to have my own business my whole life. My main hobbies where always Jiu Jitsu and Art, I have always considered them one in the same in many ways. They are creative outlets for me to expend energy through and be able to properly express myself. I tried before to start the Jiu Jitsu studio but always listened to nay sayers and negative people. I shouldn't have listened to them!

A few months ago I made the leap and found a good deal on a building to rent out. Less than half a mile away from my home. It was perfect, a up incoming area with lots of traffic to launch the first incarnation of the gym. I plan on doing a grand opening once the gym construction is 100 percent finished, but for now the mats are down and its clean and ready for some rolling. I've had a few folks already sign up that I've done privates with over the years as well signed up some new folks through word of mouth.

Over the short last few months I've been been working a full time job as well as trying to build out the gym and organize everything. It's been pretty stressful but I've made some good progress. Just getting to go everyday to a space thats mine and spread Jiu Jitsu has really made it all worth it. I've never experienced a more satisfying feeling that helping others push themselves mentally and physically. Helping to create a better and safer community of people around me. I'm taking my personal ethos of '' Constantly Expanding '' and really pushing to make everyday I walk this earth as an opportunity to be able to better myself and my community.

I spent a lot of time going back and studying the history of Jiu Jitsu. Trying to see what I can find of use. Eventually once again stumbling across Carlos Gracie Sr's commandments. Carlos is the founding father of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and he also in his later years spent much of his time more focused on meditation and diet than on training. The later of his life was spent perfecting his families diet and coming up with the more mental and philosophical backbone of BJJ. Through his world religion studies and meditations he came up with a list of 12 commandments to help guide us in todays chaotic world. I really have taken to heart his words and I am trying to see what benefits they can offer me in my life. I'll be breaking down each commandment and doing a short blog and then video on each and my own interpretation.

Until the next post I hope you folks are CONSTANTLY EXPANDING and not just at the waistline due to the holidays!

Much Love

Michael Winston Andrews

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